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computing product line was dedicated to offering odm/jdm/ems computing product design and manufacturing service for customers. computing product line focuses on high-end commercial and consumer products with customized design requirement which covers two major product segments; one is motherboard product and the other is highly integrated pc product.

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computing product line has more than 20 years of odm/jdm experience in intel x86 motherboard design and manufacturing. leverage usi's strong manufacturing capability, excellent quality control, ww it infrastructure and supply chain are the base to meet the customer's requirement. motherboard products include desktop motherboard, all-in-one motherboard and workstation motherboard with various form factors to fulfill customization requirement. in addition, the green design has been implemented into our products starting from poc phase to achieve the goal of environment-friendly.

workstation motherboard


a workstation is a special computer, optimized for the visualization and manipulation of different types of complex data such as 3d mechanical design, engineering simulation. it offered higher performance and capacity on cpu, graphics, memory and multitasking than mainstream pc. usi have years of experience creating workstation mb product based on intel xeon chipsets.

  • 10 years of workstation mb odm/jdm design experience
  • intel x86 platform hardware and bios development talent expert
  • total solution on system integration validation
  • certification and regulatory service
  • advanced smt manufacturing, assembly, test process
  • world wide logistic and service
  • dual processor workstation motherboard
    dual processor workstation motherboard
  • single processor workstation motherboard
    single processor workstation motherboard

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