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we support industry pioneers worldwide from any of our seven iso 13485 certified facilities. we focus on medium/high mix to low/medium volume projects, putting our expertise and approach to regulatory compliance standards, at the service of our customers’ products. from imaging devices to ehealth equipment, we deliver engineering & manufacturing services to medical devices.

universal scientific industrial


our product experiences include acquisition boards, backplane boards and transducer boards for ultrasonic equipment. we also manufacture devices for sleeping aids and hair removing. usi has solid joint-design capability, strong engineering support, multiple manufacturing locations and global logistics support to provide integrated service in terms of flexibility and scalability.


product list
  • imaging devices and equipment
  • diagnosis devices and equipment
  • hearing aid devices and equipment
  • point-of-care diagnosis
  • ehealth
  • sleep regulation systems
  • sleeping aids
  • hair removal
  • hair removal
    hair removal
  • sleeping aid
    sleeping aid

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universal scientific industrial
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