universal scientific industrial

supply chain management

to ensure suppliers and contractors provide high-quality products and service in a sustainable, ethical and responsible fashion.

supply chain management strategy

universal scientific industrial (shanghai) co., ltd. (hereinafter collectively referred to as “usi”) are conscious that we control a significant resource through our purchasing power. in order to pursue sustainable growth while meeting customers' needs, the company evaluates the overall sustainable value of the supply chain in addition to cost and quality considerations in our daily procurement operations. we aim to grow together with our suppliers through developing stable partnerships, strengthening supply chain resilience and practicing responsible procurement.

usi supply chain management strategy: 
  • value-oriented: to obtain a competitive overall value in the supply chain.
  • diversified sources: to maintain at least two suppliers for the same material to ensure a continuous supply.
  • quality first: to obtain the best quality products and services from suppliers.
  • strategic cooperation: to integrate suppliers' resources and capabilities for greater innovation.
  • sustainable sourcing: to raise suppliers' economic, environmental and social performance in sustainability.
  • responsible minerals sourcing: to ensure that suppliers are using only responsibly sourced, conflict-free minerals in their products.

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