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usi’s quality management is established and constructed based on international quality standards requirement. our main tasks are as follows:
- improving the performance of the related quality control process
- provides an efficient management process for management
- proven compliance with customer, regulatory and/or other requirements
- continuous assessment and improvement

manufacturing quality

usi manufacture quality system (mqa) is based on zero defect target and customer requirements to conduct quality assurance activities in new product introduction, development, mass production, and go through pdca cycle with continuous quality improvement for customer satisfactions.

in new product introduction and development at evt, dvt and mvt phases, mqa reviews mfg. flow, ppap, pfmea and moi to define qcp (quality control plan) for production recipes validation and mfg. process qualification.

in mass production phase, mqa ensures the process and product quality stability and traceability through conduct qcp by fai, in-process audit/inspection, oob and out-going inspection. with systems of spc (statistical process control), msa (measurement system analysis), pvs (parts validation system) and sfis (shop flow information system) are well defined for error proof.

usi mqa is in charge of mfg. manufacturing quality and customer quality feedback to have close loop improvement and meet/exceed customer expectations complaint event to apply 8d methodology to provide containment and corrective actions for prevention. 

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