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december 2022
usinewsletter no.91

strategic planning and thinking

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universal scientific industrial
chairman interview
develop a growth mindset for a different future
recently, during my study at harvard business school, i was fortunate to meet many people from around the world worth learning. they are with different cultural backgrounds and perceptions. from them, i not only acquired various viewpoints, but also developed a global vision, which inspired me to share the topic with you - develop a growth mindset for a different future.
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universal scientific industrial
president & coo interview
strategic planning and thinking
this year, it has been extremely stressful and hard due to multiple pressures such as epidemic prevention and control, material shortages, and supply chain shifts. especially in the 4th quarter, we made the final push for various annual objectives, and at the same time, tried to meet the unexpected urgent orders from customers, which made us tormented. however, for the long-term development of our company, even in such a changing world, the annual strategic planning can?'t be ignored. we still need to calm down, reconfirm the direction and calibrate our company's medium and long-term goals.
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