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  •  12/30/2020

usi kunshan facility is rated as a key enterprise-level industrial internet platform of jiangsu province

(2020-12-30, shanghai) the "usi-allin industrial internet platform" established by universal global technology (kunshan) co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "usi kunshan facility"), a subsidiary of usi (sse: 601231) that is a leading electronics designer and manufacturer in the world, was rated as a key enterprise-level industrial internet platform of jiangsu province in 2020.

to follow out the opinions of the provincial government on implementation of the deepening of "internet advanced manufacturing" and promoting the development of industrial internet, and to accelerate the industrial internet platform system, jiangsu province carried out the cultivation and selection of provincial key industrial internet platforms, and announced selected 35 companies, including 1 cross-level, 4 region-level, 4 supply chain-level, 11 industry-level, and 15 enterprise-level platforms, among which usi kunshan facility was listed as an enterprise-level, the highest honor in platform projects of the province.

based on the basic data generated by production equipment, the usi-allin industrial internet platform integrates the original sfis (shop floor integrated system) of usi kunshan facility to create a brand-new production management execution system. furthermore, such system is integrated with information of systems such as sap, pdm, bi, vm, b2b, srm, crm, wms, and oa owned by usi kunshan facility to achieve the interconnection of business data among different systems, realize the collaborative operation of product development, materials purchasing, production & manufacturing, product distribution, maintenance service, etc., which ultimately connects all information, thereby enabling the smart production, smart operation, smart design, and smart decision-making.

the usi-allin industrial internet platform is composed of industrial iaas, industrial paas, and industrial saas. among these, the iaas or infrastructure as a service comprises a server, network, memory, private cloud, etc. the iaas service model can provide the different user with virtualized environments, computing and storage features, including data storage service, synchronization service, management service, backup service, etc.

paas, the acronym of "platform as a service", can provide a customized intermediary software platform for usi kunshan facility, covering database and application server, etc. if the current applications were based on java/c# language, are deployed in the cloud computing infrastructures, other subsidiaries of usi can control the deployed applications and the hosting environment configuration where applications are run without the need for managing or controlling the underlying cloud infrastructures, including network, server, operating system, memory, etc.

saas (software as a service) enables customers to get access via client port (e.g., browser) on a variety of devices. usi/private cloud can provide legitimate software to different employees depending on their respective requirements without the need for maintenance. moreover, the offline operation of software and local data storage is also available. it is quite convenient for usi's technology research & development and software testing.

through the advancement of the present informatization project, usi kunshan facility is expected to increase its production efficiency by 10%, raise the yield rate by 10%, reduce the product production cycle by 15%, and save 8% of the operating cost.

about usi
usi (sse: 601231, a constituent of csi300 index), universal scientific industrial (shanghai) co., ltd., is a global leader in electronic design and manufacturing as well as a leader in the field of sip (system-in-package) modules. usi provides d (ms)2 product services: design, manufacturing, miniaturization, industrial software and hardware solutions, and material procurement, logistics and maintenance services. with , usi has 27 sales, production and service locations across four continents of america, europe, asia and africa, and offers customer diversified products in the sectors of wireless communication, computer and storage, consumer, industrial, medical and automotive electronics worldwide. usi is one of the subsidiaries of (twse: 3711, nyse: asx) which is a world-leading provider of semiconductor manufacturing services in assembly and test in the world. to learn more, please visit www.usiglobal.com and engage with us on and .

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