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  •  12/14/2020

usi lights up christmas dream party at nantou ren-ai children's home

(2020-12-14, nantou, taiwan) warmth is in the air as this year draws to a close! on december 13th, universal global scientific industrial co., ltd., (usi-tw), a subsidiary of usi (universal scientific industrial (shanghai) co., ltd.), located in nantou, taiwan, was holding a heartwarming christmas dream party in nantou ren-ai children's home. clement chen, the corporate senior vice president of usi, participated in the party with usi employees and brought a different christmas holiday for the children.

through the christmas dreams come true plan, children made their wish then usi-tw employees come as the santa claus to deliver the gifts to these innocent children. it was a simple yet joyful christmas party that not only contented the children's small dreams by giving the christmas gifts they had been longing for but also nurtured the love in the heart of each of them. this winter will be especially gratifying and unforgettable.

clement chen encouraged the children, "there may be many difficulties and hardships in our life that we may not be able to make a choice. however, never forget that the sunshine always comes through the window and embraces you with the warmth when you need it." usi is committed to local public benefits and encourages the employees to engage in social care activities. through such interaction, we expect to build strong local bonds, make giving back to the community and prompt more people to join forces for a better, more loving society.

about nantou ren-ai children's home
ren-ai home was founded in 1958 and established an affiliated nursery home in 1967. in 2015, the nursing home was renamed ren-ai children's home, dedicated to providing a safe living environment and care for the children. through the concept of “family”, it cultivates the children to develop interpersonal relationships, learn about social interaction and cope with their future careers. the ren-ai home expects the children and the youth who have lost their support can grow and thrive in happiness and learning.

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