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  •  01/03/2013

usi is selected onto the shortlist of sse 380 index and csi 300 index

(2013-01-02) the shanghai stock exchange and china securities index co., ltd. announced recently that they decided to adjust sample stocks of indexes, including sse 180 index, sse 50 index, sse 380 index and sse dividend index, on the first trading day of january, 2013. china securities index co., ltd. also announced adjustments of sample stocks of csi 300 index, csi 100 index, csi 500 index, csi dividend index, and csi hong kong 100 index. according to the adjustments, usi is selected to be the second place on the shortlist of sse 380 index and csi 300 index.

it is reported that sse 380 index, released in november, 2010, consists of emerging blue chip stocks traded at the shanghai stock exchange with great growth potential and strong profitability. excluding those in sse 180 index as well as companies suffering from financial losses and having not paid dividends in the recent five years, it allocates samples according to the proportion of the free float market capitalization of secondary industries as defined by china securities index co., ltd., and consists of top 380 companies in terms of size, liquidity, growth potential and profitability. csi 300 index is the oldest benchmark in the index system of china securities index co., ltd., with the largest product size and the biggest market influence. it represents the overall trends of the 300 most important stocks traded on china's securities market. its samples cover nearly 70% of the market value of equity shares traded on the shanghai and shenzhen stock exchanges, and can well represent market dynamics. because of its good basics, it has drawn wide attention from the market and represents investment orientations of middle- and large-sized institutions. 

on february 20, 2012, usi was listed on the shanghai stock exchange. the fact that it has been shortlisted for sse 380 index and csi 300 index is an eloquent testimony to its leadership in the industry and the capital market's high recognition of its market capitalization, turnover, growth potential and profitability.

since its listing, usi has been following the regulatory requirements of the china securities regulatory commission (csrc) and the shanghai stock exchange for listed companies by fully performing its information disclosure responsibilities, constantly improving corporate governance, and conducting investor relations activities, and it has received wide attention from mainstream investors in the market. besides, its financial results have hit record highs. with large volumes of trading and investment in its shares, usi has seen stable growth of its market value, and has become a leading electronics company in the a-share market.

after it's been shortlisted for the indexes, usi is sure to receive greater attention from the market, which will help to further improve its shareholding structure. what's more, usi will also further refine its governance structure by combining the strengths of products and funds to achieve double-win results in the product market and the capital market, and generate good financial results to reward its investors.

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