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  •  12/12/2022

usi awarded “esg pioneer enterprise” in the 2022 cls esg award

(2022-12-12 shanghai) recently, the 3rd esg enterprise summit forum and the sustainability award ceremony hosted by cailianshe ("cls"), a financial media platform in china, were successfully held in shanghai. usi won the "2022 esg pioneer enterprise" award for its outstanding performance in green development, social responsibility, and governance efficiency.

according to the organizer, the forum was designed to discuss esg vision, future development, corporate esg actions and other related topics, and, through this activity, award the companies that actively practice esg to pursue high-quality and sustainable development for others to follow.

as a company founded over 40 years ago and listed for a decade, usi has always taken esg as an important mission of corporate development while creating value for shareholders and customers. esg concepts have become part of usi's corporate culture and fostered greater corporate resilience. since 2010, usi has released corporate social responsibility or sustainability reports for 13 consecutive years. by voluntarily disclosing esg-related information, usi has established long-term channels for open and transparent communication with the outside world. internally, usi has strengthened the promotion of esg concepts and gradually improved related policies to enhance the company's sustainable value.

all along, usi has been practicing sustainable operations with high standards. in july 2022, the company adopted the gri standards and sasb electronic manufacturing services & original design manufacturing standards in its sustainability report. in the environmental (e) aspect, usi has formulated a net-zero carbon emission strategy, scientifically designed a carbon management action plan, and is planning to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. in the social (s) aspect, usi continues to invest in public welfare, participates in external initiatives and organizations, and realises a social contribution value of rmb 2.89 yuan per share in 2021. in governance (g), usi has maintained effective corporate governance and obtained a-level ratings in information disclosure from the shanghai stock exchange for five consecutive years.

usi has been committed to achieving sound, sustainable growth, and its vision is to become the world's most reliable provider of electronic design and manufacturing services. the esg award to the company stands for the recognition of its outstanding performance and motivates us for further improvement. usi will keep its original aspiration of sustainable operations and strive to create value for the stakeholders and society.

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