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  •  07/15/2014

usi has been ranked in china 500 enterprises

shanghai, china– july15, 2014- the fortune china, 14th july, had released 2014 china 500 enterprises list. universal scientific industrial (shanghai) co., ltd.(usi) has been ranked in no. 333 and entered the list for three consecutive years.

china 500 enterprises has been co-edited by fortune china and beijing xingye investment consulting ltd. screening coverage for all china listed companies of the world. the data was according to official disclosure of these companies at the stock exchange information and selected the 500 largest companies. this year was the fifth time to release chin 500 enterprises of fortune china. the total revenue of listed company reached 28.9 trillion yuan, continued to account for more than half gdp of china in 2013. compared last year, the revenue increased 10.4% and profit went up 13.5% to reach 2.5 trillion yuan.

the 2013 revenue of usi was 14.27 billion which rose 7.03% from 2012. the net income was 5.64 yuan and earnings per share were 0.56 yuan. it still maintains a certain growth momentum and profitability. by virtue of rich and balanced product strategy and long-term business cooperation with major global leader, usi has grown steadily in each segments and remained its industry leadership.

be selected in china 500 enterprise will increase the company's visibility and reputation that is helping strengthen our market position and enhance competitiveness. usi is going to rise and enhance its market position and strengths by developing miniaturization and solutions in the coming future.

source:universal scientific (shanghai) industrial co., ltd.

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