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miniaturization becomes much more important, especially for mobile devices, internet of things (iot) and wearable electronics. by integration of these miniaturization solutions, most electronic systems can reduce size to meet market requirements.

miniaturization brings the following benefits.

  • size (xy) reduction to have more space for battery and integrate more functions
  • reduce thickness (z) and weight for stylish id design
  • reduce final assembly, test & pack difficulty
  • improve signal integrity
  • emi shielding interference
  • speed up development
  • better reliability-humidity and mechanical
  • better logistics and inventory management
universal scientific industrial


there are four key technologies about how to reduce xy area.

  • use small foot print components: such as 01005 passive smds, fine pitch wlcsp, qfn ic package and reduce components space. this is "high density smt technology”.
  • put components on both sides of substrate with special package architectures. this is "dual side molding technology”.
  • stack memory chips together on memory controller ic and wire bond together. this is "3d stack die technology”.
  • bury smds or ic chips inside substrate layers can reduce xy area also. this is "embedded in substrate technology”.

high density smt

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    high density smt

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