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miniaturization becomes much more important, especially for mobile devices, internet of things (iot) and wearable electronics. by integration of these miniaturization solutions, most electronic systems can reduce size to meet market requirements.

miniaturization brings the following benefits.

  • size (xy) reduction to have more space for battery and integrate more functions
  • reduce thickness (z) and weight for stylish id design
  • reduce final assembly, test & pack difficulty
  • improve signal integrity
  • emi shielding interference
  • speed up development
  • better reliability-humidity and mechanical
  • better logistics and inventory management
universal scientific industrial


wireless sip module with antenna on package (aop) design is suitable for wearable or iot application.

dual side molding

  • universal scientific industrial

    dual side mold with filling molding via

  • universal scientific industrial

    dual side molding exposed ball

  • universal scientific industrial

    dual side mold with substrate interposer

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