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in the storage market, usi has successfully developed diversified products by leveraging leading technology development capabilities, such as fiber channel, sas, sata, 10gb ethernet, rapid io and infiniband. 

we have developed desktop tower and 1u/2u rack-mount, and various network storage devices of disk array on x86 and embedded platforms that support hot-swappable controller module and redundant power supply. with large volume ssd manufacturing capability and outstanding ssd product design experience, usi is thus a leading ssd dms partner in this industry. in addition, on high resolution multimedia platform, we have developed a variety of multimedia players for electronic interactive digital billboards and family media player, etc.

in pc motherboard products and related applications, usi leverages efficient manufacturing processes and strict quality management system to shorten the cycle time for time-to-market and production lead time for punctual delivery. by doing so, we bring competitive advantages for our customers in terms of efficiency and cost. as a leading manufacturer of ems, usi has successfully provided a full range of high quality products and services for many customers. we strive to achieve the highest level of product quality and customer satisfaction.

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