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  •  11/09/2021

through wifi 6e, how do iot applications fulfill your imagination of a perfect smart home?

for more than decades now iot technologies have been looking for
an opportunity to capitalize on the dynamics of smart technology that is
smart homes, smart cities, and smart manufacturing, etc. 

the growth of the internet of things (iot) and the escalating artificial intelligence have helped businesses stop getting tormented by the promise of realizing smart homes as companies can now manage and predict the desires by capitalizing on the dynamic of connected smart appliances. as per idc, approximately 854 million smart home devices and appliances were shipped and sold worldwide in 2020. the sales and potential revenue are some of the main reasons why companies invest in smart home solutions.

the data collected from the home entertainment preferences, power usage, safety, and connectivity security can boost sales. but smart device and appliances companies are aware of the fact that conventional smart home device models or services can't be analyzed and monitored intelligently based on the latest norms, rules, and regulations. thus, the situation provides little to no opportunity to establish brand loyalty or create a valuable relationship with consumers.

iot experts believe smart home appliances that can communicate and interact among themselves are still a few years away. but through the newest wifi 6e technology, interoperability, and security would be no longer issues waiting to be addressed among smart home devices.

an all-inclusive business plan applies with wifi 6e for organizations trying to capitalize on the smart home and iot technology should contain a few of the following elements:

  • opportunities related to interaction -the pain of development may cause obstacles to any new technology, and smart companies see it as an opportunity. when interconnection exists, these growing problems in stand-alone appliances can indeed become opportunities. develop products that contribute to modern smart home and iot solutions and improve the interconnectivity and operability that can connect multiple devices through advanced design, such as iris, voice, or facial recognition. personalization is the undisputed kingly way among several other factors, one thing that remains the same in the future of smart home technology is that companies must be fully prepared to create unique customized user experiences through social media and content. by using the data collected by the product, companies can create more opportunities for themselves based on past buying habits and product usage to produce personalized messages and provide user-specific service and product information.
  • offer safety and savings – as per simmons research, consumers' most sought-after smart home appliances provide greater home security and enhanced energy efficiency. for example, consumers today want secure systems that offer inter-connected motion detectors which can be monitored remotely along with automated door locks, surveillance cameras, and other security system elements that create a safer and secure home. a price tag can't be put on the consumer's peace of mind.
  • programmed commerce generates passive income – though smart home technology along with iot is in its initial years, one thing is clear that consumers trust these technologies enough to delegate repeated and routine purchases to their smart home tech.  the impressive thing is smart home appliances can complete the entire transaction when a dishwasher requires soaps and a coffeemaker require more beans. it becomes easier and convenient without human interference by simply accessing the information of the account. however, this will need some time to be adopted due to the discomfort related to security concerns.
  • freemium business model – along with the subscription business model, highly industry penetrative companies are changing their product management approach. for example, the home monitoring base station to take care of the safety and security of the home could be free. however, services such as smoke detection, burglar detection, carbon monoxide detection can be added as add-on.
  • sell continued value and experience – rather than owning a device till it breaks down or becomes obsolete, consumers can now sign a monthly/weekly/ yearly service agreement that provides them with product use, and upgrades as smart technology and iot keeps growing. with the connectivity technology available, consumers are now expecting services that not only make their family life more safe and secure but also comfortable, and businesses can do this all while a predictable monthly revenue for the business.

to fulfill the market requirement above, wifi 6e features technologies like ofdma (orthogonal frequency-division multiple access) and mu-mimo (multi-user, multiple-input, multiple outputs) that provide seamless and faster data transmission. wifi 6e will extend next-generation wireless connections in the 6ghz band, alleviating many wifi congestion problems with greater and cleaner bandwidth. what the best part is that wifi 6e can use up to 7 super-wide 160 mhz channels in the 6 ghz band for faster wifi speed and latency reduction.

thus, usi, a key partner of chipmaker in the field of leveraging on its cutting-edge miniaturization technology to develop the wm-bax-bm-62 double side molding sip module in the field of wifi communication modules. the wm-bax-bm-62 is a high-performance module with a small footprint designed to meet the ever-increasing market demand for efficient data transmission speeds, miniaturization, and mobility.

wifi 6e is expected to be first adopted in smartphones and consumer devices and extended later to enterprise and industry applications. the wifi 6e ecosystem is dependent on the joint efforts of chipmakers and equipment manufacturers.


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