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  •  06/28/2021

how the design and manufacturing of wearable products could impact healthcare technology

wearable products generally include activity trackers, smartwatches, head-mounted optical displays, earbuds, and sometimes smart jewelry too. the popular wearable product also includes virtual reality and thus vr-based products. based on the wearable product design or wearable device design it can also be used to monitor systems for elder care and assisted living. wearable design manufacturing ensures the huge potential of big data is utilized with its applicability in fields like assisted living and biomedicine.  

wearable product design and manufacturing have only seen an explosion in popularity over the last few years wherein consumers are rushing to purchase devices that are designed and developed in a way to monitor their level of activity, sleep, heart rate, blood pressure, and the list goes on. wearable product manufacturing ensures that it includes wireless connectivity, advanced sensors, and tiny-compact batteries in an elegant form thus reducing the weight of the device substantially. 

how to ensure you're a wearable design and manufacturing company presenting one of the kind? 
if you want to ensure you're one brand that manufactures outstanding wearable products, here are some recommendations: 
  • data analytics – the most popular wearables now collect and analyze massive amounts of data to enhance user experience and to provide meaningful and actionable insights using proprietary algorithms. such is the case with many smartwatches and fitness bands that give you a sedentary reminder so that the fitness freak inside can take the necessary actions.
  • new uses of new sensors – you can also stand out by using new sensors or you can effectively use old sensors in a modified or new way. for instance, the usage of many new sensors in multiple ways now allows the tracking of oxygenation of blood along with blood pressure.
  • locations of attachments and types- it's time for wearable products such as fitness bands and smartwatches to move past the wrist of the user. a pioneer in fitness apparel named athos efficiently and effectively made use of 22 emg sensors to track and monitor respiration, heart rate, perspiration, muscle activity, and much more in real-time. emg was traditionally reserved for elite athletes because of the cost of it but not anymore as athos ensured it is within the consumer's budget and introduced a new range of smart workout clothes.
  • community of data – when you provide users the platform to share milestones, goals, roadblocks, tips, tricks, and much more so that they can motivate and inspire each other. many fitness bands not only provide a fitness band but also connects the consumers with an internal community along with successfully integrating with multiple social media networks for the users to share their progress with loved ones.
  • sensor convergence and data visualization – apple watch uses multiple sensors and yet they blend the data collected from those sensors effortlessly. using data from multiple sensors provides one of the most accurate and effortless data collected. as multiple sensors come together, actionable insights and data are generated effortlessly. many wearable product's brands provide the data collected from sensor/s into visualized form thus providing valuable data for the user and ensuring they can track and monitor food, sleep, activity, etc. from easy-to-understand dashboards.

it was only 2015 when usa today declared it as the year of wearable products and healthcare wearable products. it was back then that it was predicted a major movement in the use of wearable products from being used primarily as a device to count steps to improving health by monitoring health conditions. 

now with the vigorous development of wearable devices, consumers desire higher quality and better efficiency. as per apple, the apple watch can efficiently with almost negligible defects generate an ecg or electrocardiogram which is single lead thus having an ability to recognize some major signs such as sinus rhythm, some early signs of atrial fibrillation, and a serious form of irregular heartbeat or tachycardia which in turn could be an indicator of underlying issues. wearable technology still is growing and thus is still suffering from limited battery capabilities. 

therefore, developers have to constantly pursue greater functions in smaller areas, as known as miniaturization, and it eventually leads to the key which is sip technology. therefore, regarding different product markets, the emphasis of miniaturizing technology also differs. for wearable devices, their emphasis is low power, cost, and high defect-free rate packaging.

regarding wearable devices and products, usi has used double-sided molding technology to integrate more than 500 components on a 12-layer pcb plate within the area of the size of a watch. given that its shape is irregular and different components have different heights, besides the increase of difficulty when controlling the mold flow uniformity of molding, how to solve the mutual interference of radio-frequency signal within that small area is also another challenge. the successful development of such product fully demonstrates the outstanding technological strength of usi.

as for the role usi can play, it is currently pondering on the developmental direction of asssip (application specific standard sip). it attempts to shorten the lead time by developing standard sip products for specific applications. for example, the wearable devices want to minimize the size to make room for larger batteries in order to extend their battery life. if certain functional blocks can be provided through by means of sip/sim, it can evidently reduce the size and achieve the aforementioned problem. this is where the product efficacy of usi can be demonstrated. 


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