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  •  05/10/2021

smart manufacturing: how can smart manufacturing help you thrive and make the next 'smart' move?

to manufacture new industry leaders and re-shape the current competitive landscape, we need smart manufacturing, which is a force powerful and potential enough to disrupt or modify both of the above factors. large corporations and small organizations which aren't dynamic and fast enough in terms of adopting new technologies, methods, and processes could seriously lose a huge part of their market in the long run. so if you're wondering what is smart manufacturing? hold your breath while we explain smart manufacturing-related terminologies for you, some of which are: smart manufacturing experience, smart manufacturing technology, smart manufacturing market and smart manufacturing solution. 

what is smart manufacturing?
smart manufacturing or smart manufacturing technology itself is a term too broad to be defined, but it isn't something you can directly fit into the production process as it is a technology-based internet-connected approach that ensures utilization of multiple types of machinery, equipment, and sensors to manage and monitor the entire production process which in turn provides leverage to automate operations while using data analytics to enhance manufacturing process and thus performance. smart manufacturing involves a combination of multiple solutions and technologies which, when mutually implemented in the various steps of the manufacturing process is known as smart manufacturing. these multiple solutions and technologies together are known as enablers which helps in employing flexible and updated technical workforce training, higher levels of adaptability and accessibility, digital information technology, and rapid design and development changes. smart manufacturing also helps in rapidly manipulating production to meet the demand of the market, which in turn is done keeping in mind efficient production and recyclability, which further results in an optimized supply chain. 

some of the most outstanding enablers in the present market scenario globally include:
  • cyber-security
  • artificial intelligence (ai)
  • status monitoring 
  • blockchain in manufacturing
  • robotics
  • industrial internet of things
as per mordor intelligence reports, the global smart manufacturing market was valued at usd 194.63 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach usd 314.39 billion by 2026 and grow at a cagr of 8.4% over the forecast period (2021-2026). smart manufacturing has been aiding the transition of industries from having legacy systems to smart components and smart machines, facilitating digital factories, and later, to an ecosystem of connected plants and enterprises. anticipating the increased adoption of iot and digital transformation across industries, the european commission estimated that iot's value in europe itself is expected to exceed eur 1 trillion in 2020.

so if you're wondering how the industrial internet of things and smart manufacturing are related or co-associated, let us give you an insight into the same! smart manufacturing iot is of utmost importance when it comes to realizing the power smart manufacturing beholds. internet of things enabled smart manufacturing is indeed fiercely competitive globally, but it comes with its pros such as complete transparency of products, processes followed, methods used, resources, and assets. 

internet of things and smart manufacturing
internet of things and smart manufacturing together enable easier access for factory managers in terms of collecting, recording, and analyzing data to make better-informed decisions which further enables optimization of production. this enabler helps in collecting, recording, and reporting data collected from multiple machines and sensors which are further positioned better using cloud-enabled technology along with iot connectivity. authorized stakeholders are further informed with these data which has been analyzed and combined with contextual data previously. this iot connectivity enabled data provides the required clout to both wired and wireless connectivity which enables the smooth and dynamic flow of data to manage and monitor processes and methods remotely. smart manufacturing iot further helps in positively and dramatically manipulating the following for better manufacturing outcomes, improving production and quality of goods manufactured, reducing wastage, and speeding up the entire process with enhanced accuracy. it further enhances the entire optimization of global manufacturing methods, techniques, and processes by managing and monitoring cost incurred, resources available, performance, and thus quality. 

one of the most essential roles of iot connectivity enabled data along with cloud technology in terms of smart manufacturing lies in the fact that it ensures the following additional benefits:
  • better usage of multiple data is ensured because of various variables of the said data such as customer sentiment, production optimization, market research, etc. which further ensures quality managing, monitoring, and improvement in terms of outcomes and this accumulated data
  • maintenance alerts help enhance output while minimizing interruptions and optimizing machine availability
  • management of equipment remotely ensures the inclusion of setting the right parameters and limits to save cost and energy.
  • monitoring of production flow helps in ensuring reduced work-in-process inventory while eliminating wastage and optimizing flow. 
what is smart manufacturing experience?
smart manufacturing experience is nothing but a genuine effort by industry leaders and players to fully highlight the present smart manufacturing technologies which are revolutionizing the manufacturing landscape. these transformative technologies include:
  • industrial iot/big data
  • additive manufacturing and 3d printing
  • automation and robotics
  • precision measurement and 3d scanning
  • advanced material
  • precision machining. 
smart manufacturing experience ensures participants get to see for themselves what real people using smart manufacturing can achieve, and they are also promised with the following: hands-on, live technology demonstrations with the help of active learning labs and small-group discussions and problem solving besides collaborative technical forums, in-depth workshops, tours of best-in-class smart factories, and networking with your peers and colleagues to ensure enhanced smart manufacturing solutions. 

how usi adapt smart manufacturing?
at usi we know automation is just not about replacing everything with machinery or robotics. smart manufacturing involves optimization of the manufacturing process while eliminating manual mishandling of resources and processes. we at usi ensure quality products, stability of the process, and timely delivery of performance. abbreviated product life cycle and customized products are mostly trending globally as of now. we at usi are ready to take the challenge by developing highly flexible modular common platforms along with the dynamic capability for high mix low volume products by adopting proven methods, process, techniques, and technologies while constantly developing updated and new ones in automation while investing in r&d resource for the future roadmap, usi is implementing more automation in different manufacturing processes to help our customers to gain competitiveness.


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