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  •  09/22/2021

smart handheld devices: why smart handheld devices are the next iot thing?

the next big leap in communication is 5g, and logistic companies will undoubtedly benefit from the next generation of networks, allowing considerable advancement in technologies. the advances will help the companies enhance fleet management, supply chain visibility. so how are smart handheld devices and these advancements in technology-related?

what are smart handheld devices?
a smart handheld device is an electronic device generally interconnected to several other devices via wireless networks/protocols such as 5g, bluetooth, lifi, nfc, wifi, etc., that can operate autonomously and to a certain extent interactively. 

smart handheld devices are designed and developed to support a range of properties and form factors used in three main system environments: distributed computing environments, physical world, and human-centered environments. smart handheld devices are updated and enhanced, keeping in mind the latest innovation in the world of communication that is 5g.

most industries have adopted a data-driven mindset to optimize operational efficiencies. they predict future performance in their decision-making will require the analysis of the already collected large amount of data in real-time. internet-enabled smart devices, along with reduced latency and faster data speeds, will support the transformation better and integrate it in the supply chain logistics.

smart handheld devices along with iot and 5g will bring forward:
  • digitalized logistics – smart handheld devices and autonomous vehicles to temperature tracking and monitoring sensors along with 5g and iot brings more coverage areas, enhanced speeds, and lower delay, which further ensures hassle-free communication between two smart devices.
  • enhanced and sustainable visibility and management of fleet – iot and smart handheld devices along with 5g can assure accurate and immediate visibility across supply chain functions such as – proactive event management, visibility of orders, inventory, and procurement throughout the entire landscape of operations.
  • revolutionizing road freight management- 5g, known for its extremely low latency properties, can transmit data with a delay of less than one millisecond, speed 50x faster than 4g. road freight vehicles taking less time to act will go a long way in ensuring faster and more accurate deliveries.
  • quicker and secure port functioning- port of livorno is now a 5g-based digitalized transportation systems model. maintaining communication seamlessly among all the parties involved is a challenge; hence port livorno took it head-on. through a lot of technology innovation and collaborative research, the port is now a reality. connecting sensors and cameras have formed an integrated communication network infrastructure. this helps the smart uncrewed vehicles automatically load and unload freights and broadcast information for access in secured areas. this efficient system is a quick and trustworthy high bandwidth network that is possible only through 5g's performance.
  • ar applicability- having a lesser delay allows immediate updates on cargo management, which improves the user interface for the applications using augmented reality, broadcasting the latest changes. this reduces the possibility of errors and makes the staff more efficient in managing such warehouse operations.
  • smart handheld devices in the field of metrology- smart handheld metrology devices are on a huge rise across north america and europe, as the investment in automotive and aerospace research and development is high here. measurement gauges having wireless data transferring capacity has increased the need for the replacement of traditional measurement gauges. the wireless data transfers will ensure better inspection capabilities reducing errors. 
why choose usi?
usi is a leading electronics designer and manufacturer globally, which developed a ruggedized system on module (som) to speech up product development cycle time. ms-01 pro is a wwan multi-frequency band wireless som and the ms-01 is a wifi wireless som based on usi's experienced, knowledge, and expertise in designing miniaturized modules, rugged mobile and tablet computers. 

ms-01 pro and ms-01 integrated qualcomm snapdragon sdm660/sda660 socs (specifically designed for iot longevity products) with mature design and certifications like fcc, ic, ce, the pcs type certification review board (ptcrb), and the global certification forum (gcf). the ms-01 pro and ms-01 som reserved design flexibility for wwan & wlan options, which is the most appropriate solution for industrial ai and iot-related applications. 

the usi som modules built for android-based devices can successfully and efficiently integrate a portfolio system that is not only diverse but allows ample space for customization onto tablet computers, vehicle mount computers, and handheld devices.


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