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  •  09/28/2021

supply chain management: the reality behind supply chain management ensures unbelievable top-notch services

if you're into the recent global business trend, you must be fascinated by supply chain management. supply chain management (scm) is the flow of goods and services and includes all processes that transform crude materials into outcomes. it contains the dynamic smoothing out of a business' stock side exercises and gain the upper hand in the marketplace.  

scm addresses work by suppliers to create and carry out supply chains that are just about as effective and prudent as could be expected. all the pros and cons of an entire production flow of a good or service depend on supply chain management, handling from the raw components to delivering the final product to the consumer. an organization creates a network of suppliers that move the product from the suppliers of raw materials to those companies that manage the clients.

why supply chain management is a must for the global brand?
managers, however, often question the differences between the global market and a single market in many the same conditions exist in both. the complexities of cross-border operations are ascendingly more significant than in a single country. even though it might be true above, the ability to compete in the global environment often depends on understanding the subtleties that emerge only in cross-border trade—that is, in gscm (global supply chain management).

how to succeed in scm?
most consumers are well aware of what tech giants would offer and their branding. however, the behind-the-scenes picture of the supply chain is lesser-known.

a few features which set the supply chain apart from everyone else:
  • supply chain resilience – value chain has grown in length and complexity as the industry expanded the world to purse operation margin in the past decades. the recent geopolitical tension, extreme climate disaster, and pandemic disrupted the supply chain which used to be efficient and be the lowest cost. at usi, we have teams with expertise in component inherent risks. together with our market intelligence, we collaborate with our clients to adjust inventory levels strategically on the material’s own merit to cope with supply chain upheaval. by striking a balance between “just-in-time” and “just in case”, usi is able to support customers to minimize the possible financial impact and gain market share amid market turmoil.
  • stronger supplier relationships – distinguished providers should know how focused maintenance of supply chain partners provides an immense amount of flexibility when demand rises. this, along with your top-notch production facility, can help you deliver products how and where your customers want them. to become a top-notch supplier and remain dynamic and flexible in the electronic industry, we keep offering internal upskilling and educational opportunities to make sure that we are equipped with the necessary experience and skills. 
  • focused sustainability – take apple inc., for example, it has introduced multiple initiatives for years to boost sustainability across the entire supply chain. apple devoted itself to creating a closed-loop supply chain to ensure that everything is ultimately made of recyclable and renewable material. thus, this brand also strictly demands the suppliers’ ability to make optimum utilization of clean energy technology as they’re aware of how these efforts benefit the environment.
how to choose the supplier?
if you're a part of the industry, you may know how all supplies have a short supply because of which the prices are rising rapidly. the disruption in supply could lead to negative impacts such as disrupted production, problems meeting order deadlines, and pressure on your profit margins. the selection criteria before and after the shortage of supply shouldn't be different. you should still look for an ems supplier that's has a reputation for quality, can handle all your needs, has  the excellent technical expertise, delivers on time. and, of course, offers competitive pricing. but in the era of component and raw material shortage, you should consider adding a few more selection criteria to the pre-existing list. 

start by asking potential manufacturing partners about their response to the crisis and how they will handle it. no company in supply chain should be able to promise you how your production will be affected or how your sales won't get negatively impacted because of your low-price offer. it is false as the shortage of components and raw materials are very much practical. broken promises and lies are not the best foundation for a new business relationship.
  • minimizing the impact on your business – what your supplier should be able to promise you is that they're fully equipped with the knowledge, resources, and expertise to minimize the negative impact of this shortage on your business. however, these claims should be backed up by facts, data, and figures. usi has helped diversity of customers who have approached it with component supply problems to date before pandemic struck.
  • global reach at a local level - a manufacturing partner with a worldwide and longstanding presence also keeps communicative relationships with distributors, is in a much stronger position to secure supplies of scarce components and raw materials than the one with a more limited and narrower reach.
with 27 production sites in 4 continents, we can support our client for component sourcing, pricing, contracting to delivery from the very beginning of product concept or product design. therefore, a massive manufacturing contacts network ensures us to score highly in reputation among our clients. abundant industrial knowledge, experience and added value of process technology are the most valuable professional capabilities of usi as a manufacturing leader in the electronics industry.

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