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  •  07/19/2021

rf and 5g:the key technology in connecting world

radio-frequency (rf) is nothing but involves system integration and miniaturization as it means using electromagnetic radiation for transferring data and information between two or multiple circuits that have no electric connection. time-fluctuating currents and voltages help generate electromagnetic energy that cultivates in the mode of radio waves.

rf, without the hassle of wires, can transfer both digital and analog data by interpreting, analyzing, recording, and manipulating these radio waves. 5g is a huge emerging challenge with the widespread development of filters and pas. 5g is more promising in terms of faster cellular network speed, wider communication bandwidth and much more reliable internet connectivity. 5g when used to its full capacity will accelerate the growth and development of the internet of things.

to better support complicated 5g design implementation and co-up with infrastructure deployment work, usi, known as rf front-end solution provider, has invested r&d resources, especially into the engineering of advanced material development and design. 

usi, a leading electronics manufacturer and designer, has built its third antenna anechoic chamber measurement system. the investment and industrial experience will enable usi to provide customers multi-dimensional one-stop solutions in antenna development, design, testing, and integration services along with expanding antenna customization services. usi’s rf and antenna teams have hands-on industrial experience, top-notch rf, antenna, system-design and integration expertise, and many more to provide customers with high-quality products and services to get a better hold on the market competitiveness. 

diverse ideas, leading technology, positive attitude, experience, and expertise are some of the core strengths of our team. here's how usi's application and solution expertise and experience is ready to make optimum utilization of your resource:
  1. design and development services- end to end 5g recheck and review, analysis, testing, and implementation: full product design, rf design, component design, and value-added engineering.
  2. software and hardware integration in open-source- software development, design, and maintenance expertise in quick software development, design, and delivery. 
  3. services of manufacturing and validation leading in terms of manufacturing experience inclusive of development, design, and test for beamforming, 5g radios, massive mimo, antennas, and backhaul systems. 
design expert and customer ready solutions- with our skilled and dedicated 5g design, development, and manufacturing team found on the 5g platform of reference and testing protocols, usi can become an industry-leading development and design expert.
usi is also aware of the market growth and development opportunities; as quoted from electronicsweekly.com, the 5g packaging market will grow from $0.52 billion in 2020 to $2.6 billion in 2026, with 31% cagr, reports yole development, with the mobile market segment reaching about $4.3 billion in 2026, with 24% cagr. 
being the leader in providing wireless solutions, the 5g mmwave antenna module designed and developed by usi is the best possible solution for mmwave antennas of new generation smartphones devices. furthermore, usi has been developing 5g mmwave antennas for handheld industrial devices using integrated antenna design and simulation software for optimal rf design and development. these research and development efforts will help usi collect system integration experience with 5g mmwave antenna simulation technologies to speed up product optimization and future product development. 
for customers who want to outsource antenna design, r&d, and manufacturing, usi can provide complete antenna design and development services. our 5g laboratory can provide the best 5g product performance verification service.


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