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  •  11/15/2021

support for miniaturization solutions

in electronics, the demand for miniaturization is fast increasing,
and the rate of increase shows no sign of slowing. 

end users are coming to expect more and more from their wearable technology, from smartphones to tablets. spurred on by the switch to electric traction and move toward autonomous vehicles, automotive manufacturers are cramming more electronics than ever into the limited space available in their products. and the marketplace for miniature medical devices, such as personal heart rate recorders and blood glucose monitors, is a major growth area.

in addition, the internet of things, along with its counterpart the industrial internet of things (iiot), which will see internet connectivity built into almost every conceivable product from luggage tags to industrial sensors, is fast becoming an everyday reality.

all of this means that designers engaged in the development of almost any product that incorporates electronics needs to be conscious of and responsive to the trend for miniaturization. and it’s not just designers – supply chain managers also need to be sure that they can reliably source components and assemblies that will support miniaturization.

challenges in miniaturization 
for many businesses, this creates problems. design engineers may not have the experience needed to take advantage of the latest advances in miniaturization – the days when new generations of ever-smaller semiconductor devices provided a convenient answer are long gone. meanwhile, supply chain managers may struggle to find the components they need for miniature electronic assemblies to be produced in house.

miniaturization partner
the solution is to work with a partner that has the expertise, facilities and experience needed to maximize the benefits and minimize the problems associated with miniaturization. asteelflash, in conjunction with usi, meets all of these requirements and more.

much more than an ordinary ems/odm company, we can provide support at every project stage from the initial design concepts for electronic systems, through manufacturing, testing and qualification, to packaging and dispatch of finished assemblies – and even beyond with warranty support services. further, we have unrivalled expertise in developing and manufacturing ‘system in a package’ (sip) solutions, which provides a new and highly effective approach to miniaturization.

with sip solutions, all the components - active and passive - needed for an electronic assembly, together with all their interconnections and, where required, emc shielding, are integrated into a single package which is then fully encapsulated. components in a sip can be packed very densely and even stacked to provide further space savings, while the encapsulation ensures exceptional reliability even in difficult operating conditions.

unmatched miniaturization expertise and resources
usi has invested heavily in the latest smt lines, molding machines and test facilities to support sip production. we’re already providing volume supplies of miniaturized solutions for many customers and have both the capacity and capability at our plants to reliably meet the requirements of additional customers in every sector. companies that choose usi/asteelflash as their partner for miniaturization will benefit from access to outstanding expertise complemented by unmatched manufacturing resources. 

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