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  •  07/05/2021

new thinking on mechanical materials after the pandemic

author: poco wang/ corp. vp of central engineering ii (mechanical)

many changes have taken place in the covid-19 pandemic. when remote work and video conferencing have become daily routines, when industry news continues to report missing incidents, and when international news continues to update the status of vaccine delivery in various countries. currently, a group of people observe some new applications and business opportunities from the perspective of public health.

some scientists have proved that the spread of the virus is not only through human-to-human contact but primarily through contact with objects, such as elevator buttons, handles, or handrails etc. this global pandemic has caused scientists and applied materials developers to pay attention to achieving healthy, clean, and antibacterial functions on materials.

poco wang, corp. vp of central engineering ii (mechanical) of usi, pointed out that from this pandemic, in increasing awareness of epidemic prevention, the concept of active and passive anti-epidemic has also been extended to the development of new-type institutional materials. for example, to avoid pathogen infections caused by contact, antibacterial agents are added to the materials, such as electronic products, or an antibacterial coating is added to the product's surface. these methods are active anti-epidemic materials. the passive anti-epidemic material is to spray antibacterial or disinfectant on the surface of electronic products to increase the antibacterial or disinfection effect. however, in this way, how to strengthen the material's durability must be considered. recently, we have observed that the market has shown the different choices and considerations for materials in response to epidemic prevention. therefore, while co-working with customers, we will also take the initiative to share this information and solutions.

usi's accumulated design capabilities in mechanical design are the most critical factors for winning businesses. our team includes mechanical design, tooling development, material application ip, simulation analysis (stress analysis & thermal analysis) etc. given the increasing requirements of customers in selecting mechanical parts, the company also seeks strategic partners such as memtech through alliances, hoping to form a cluster supplier chain closer to customer needs.

usi's mechanical r&d plays a core role in developing automotive computers, special application devices, smart handheld devices (shd), point-of-sale (pos), stylus, servers, vehicle display systems, etc. we continue to look for opportunities in other application fields and open new paths in the unpredictable market.


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