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  •  08/16/2021

automotive electronics: how are the preparations for the next tech revolution?

automotive electronics is the electronic system used in vehicles for single or multiple functions from keyless entry, power windows/doors, driver assistance, infotainment systems, engine management, etc. many manufacturing companies are trying to be a considerable contributor in automotive electronics manufacturing as it has seen promising with drastic growth. the entire automotive electronics industry is driven by the need to change the driving experience for the better. 

people want their cars to be smart like smartphones and computers; hence cars are now well connected and more intelligent. they're also taking the security and safety of the users to the next level. automotive electronics are by more intelligent and complex features, some of which are: fantastic displays, advanced driver-assistance systems (adas), enhanced vehicle to infrastructure (v2i) and vehicle to vehicle (v2v) electrification, and others all of which rely on sensing components and advanced electronics. at usi, we have a group of experts who possess supply chain expertise, establish global manufacturing, and help customers with capitalizing technologies to realize electrification, connectivity, adas, and autonomous drive.

the automotive electronics industry has given rise to new challenges and features, including: 
  • safe and secure communication along with high-speed,
  • autonomous driving, and
  • high-powered all-electric cars. 
automotive electronics and related technologies have led to increasingly advanced visual sensor improvements in the past few years while enabling high visibility and higher awareness. the advanced and unique features in automotive electronics include traffic sign recognition, adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assistance, park assistance, pedestrian detection, and others. 

the market of automotive electronics –

as per the new research of market research engine, it divided the market of automotive electronics into:
  • the market of automotive electronics – by usage/application:
  1. infotainment 
  2. powertrain electronics
  3. adas
  4. body electronics
  5. safety systems
  • the market of automotive electronics – by elements:
  1. current-carrying components/devices
  2. electronic control unit
  3. sensors and others
electrification of traditional automotive mechanism 
  • meet with customers’ schedule to market – usi has enabled customers to bring automotive electronics to market to meet with the designated timing. how, if you may ask? our customers can leverage our enriched know-how related to manufacturing to design and develop effectively one-of-a-kind manufacturable products. over the past years, we effectively and efficiently identified cost-effective solutions for our customers, resulting in optimal product profitability using value analysis & value engineering (vave).
  • consistent and excellent quality – we help you penetrate the automotive electronics industry with innovative and creative manufacturing solutions that back you up to deliver excellent quality consistently. we invested in robust processes and critical manufacturing capabilities, which are necessary for automotive electronics as it enables the consistent and effortless production of complex technologies., reducing cycle time, increasing production efficiency, and improving quality. 
  • maintenance and de-risking of supply chain – being one of the largest supply chains, our customers can leverage our services to achieve cost-effective.
adas of automotive electronics

an ideal supplier should be highly aware of customers' aligned demand and global safety rules and regulations for increased security and how the automotive electronics industry using advanced driver assistance systems (adas) provides the vehicle and the driver with great situational knowledge and awareness to help reduce unwanted accidents and crashes. 

pre-dominantly powered by adas technologies such as infrared sensors, cameras, radar, and lidar enable systems' functions like driver attention assist, automatic braking, blind-spot monitoring and assistance, and speed alerts. the safety and security systems produced by automotive electronics companies make it the vehicle of tomorrow and bring safety and security to the people using them. and these technologies should be included as below to fulfill the ideal secure conditions when you hit the road.
  • optics that are aligned perfectly –the top-notch cameras, which are high-performing, are put to use through the manufacturing process known as active alignment, which allows the user to control edge focus, customize focal distance, reduce image quality variability, and keep a tight check of optical properties.
  • the best in automotive electronics industry manufacturing– all-in-one package brings products to the market cost-effectively and reliably. it can assure you benefit from the scalable production infrastructure, development expertise, design expertise, globally known optical designs, and personalized solutions. 
  • safety and security are top priority – the supplier should commit to helping and enabling clients to implement the globally well-known sensor-based adas technology that meets the consumer and industry's regulatory framework. 
connectivity of automotive electronics 

connected automotive electronics' car technology will change we maintain and use vehicles daily. advanced infotainment, intelligent navigation, over-the-air (ota) updates, advanced driver-assistance systems (adas), and predictive maintenance will make driving more safe and secure, along with making it a lot more efficient. 

our four decades of experience and expertise in automotive electronics market with d(ms)2 solutions and global manufacturing location which closes to you and close to your customers. over the last few years, we have been keeping a tight check on quality control and being cost-effective with a flexible it structure and complete logistics services as we strive for perfection.


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